Dragon Ball Super Broly : a sequel is planned ?

In cinemas this Wednesday, march 13, Dragon Ball Super : Broly, the 20th feature film adapted from the cult manga signed Akira Toriyama, will there be a sequel ? Here are several reasons to believe ! Called tôei Animation Company, While the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly comes out now in our cinemas, the question as to a potential sequel deserves to be asked. At the present time, the answer to this question is simple : no, a draft suite has been announced by Toei Animation. However, it appears inevitable that a new feature sees the light of day shortly, and for several reasons. The first is economic. With more than $ 100 million from the international box-office, Dragon Ball Super: Broly became the film the most profitable of the franchise. A trend that confirms the renewed interest met by Dragon Ball the past few years, the turnover has tremendously evolved over the last 10 years : estimated 2.68 billion yen in 2008, approximately 20 million euros), the turnover of the franchise was of 97.9 billion in 2017, an increase of 3650 % in the space of a decade ! Twentieth film in the franchise to see the light of day, Dragon Ball Super: Broly is the direct sequel of the anime series Dragon Ball Super, including the dissemination was completed in march 2018. While most of the movies were until now considered non-cannon, that is to say, out of the official chronology Dragon Ball, force is to note that movies and series are now hand-in-hand, since supervised in person by the author of the manga Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Super : brand new episodes of the animated series in march on Toonami A connection which bridges the narrative between the two media, which perhaps explains the open end of this new feature : teleport to his planet of exile before his rage uncontrollable, will not destroy the Earth, Broly starts a new life more peaceful. The choice not to kill the Saiyan would leave two options for possible next films : a new confrontation against Goku and Vegeta, or an alliance of the three in the face of a future enemy. This is not a secret for anyone, although this is not yet official : the animated series Dragon Ball Super will come back soon for new episodes (a new arc narrative following the Tournament on the Power – and the film – has also started in December last in the manga). It would therefore be surprising that the future of the saga is merely a television broadcast, and paper, so that it is now possible to develop plots that parallel or even independent cinema. It is therefore impossible to state at H-hour as a result of, or at least a 21st feature film Dragon Ball, will see well the day, it seems unlikely that the franchise film ends with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The only question would be, therefore, more “what if ?” but rather “when” this likely film will be released. The next few months could, therefore, reserve some nice surprises for fans of Goku… The trailer for the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly, to discover today in the cinema : Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer (2) VF