Tonight on tv : matt "Me, Tonya" and "Peter Rabbit"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a character of Beatrix Potter, a biopic about a figure skater and a video game adaptation of a cult. “Allowed to watch” Peter Rabbit by Will Gluck (OCS Max, 20h40) : “Adapted from the work of Beatrix Potter, the film Will Gluck skillfully mixes shots of real and computer images. The result is successful (but very far from the animated series broadcast on France Télévisions). It is funny, full of gags boosted and winks to the original work, including the author, through the character played by Rose Byrne : Beas neighbor of Thomas McGregor and the girlfriend of Peter Rabbit who does not know to paint as watercolours of animals… to see family.” Laetitia Forhan Me, Tonya trailer VO Moi, Tonya de Craig Gillespie with Margot Robbie, Allison Janney (Canal +, 21h) : “If a biopic devoted to a skater may put off more than one, it would be a shame not to give a chance to Me, Tonya. The incredible journey of the underdog Tonya Harding was well worth a film of this quality. It assisted impotent to his remarkable determination in the face of the merciless environment of the competition, the many releases of his peers, the cruel rivalries and above all the violence of his companion, and the indifference of his mother. Margot Robbie is stunning and narrowly to the sides of a supporting role to the more brilliant one than the other : the oscar winner just as Allison Janney and the wonderful Sebastian Stan. Both tragic and comic, one of the best films of 2018.” Caroline Langlois ‘zapper” Street Fighter – L'ultimate battle trailer VO Street Fighter – The ultimate battle by Steven E. De Souza with Jean Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia (Canal + Family, 20: 50) : “Like most adaptations of video games, Street Fighter – The ultimate battle is a disappointment for several reasons, the main one being the non-respect for the basic plot (Dhalsim is a scientist, Sagat has an average size, Ryu is not the main character, Balrog was a cameraman, etc). That being said, the movie is so off base that it becomes almost distracting…” Lawrence Schenck “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Wednesday, February 27 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.