Of the musical Chicago to Kepler(s)… Sofia Essaïdi, a multifaceted artist

In the credits of the new series of France 2, “Kepler(s)”, alongside Marc Lavoine, Sofia Essaïdi occurs in the same time on the stage in the musical “Chicago”. The opportunity to get back on the career of this accomplished artist… Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV France 2 program starting this Monday 4 march from 21h its new series of 6 x 52 minutes : Kepler(s), with Marc Lavoine in the skin of a cop at the mental health shaky. Relocated to Calais following a police operation which went wrong, Samuel Kepler is assigned to a desk job. Thinking to keep his demons at a distance, it returns to the field to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl. Sofia Essaïdi lends her traits to Alice Haddad, a young cop from the corner that he offers his help to guide him in a city troubled by the plight of the migrants. We offer you to get back on a career already full of this performer, dancer and actress. The beginnings of a Queen Semi-finalist of season 3 of Star Academy face-to-Elodie Frégé, Sofia Essaïdi fate grown from this first contact with the entertainment industry which allows him to make a few decisive encounters, such as that of choreographer Kamel Ouali. Once the tour of Star Academy ended, the young woman is working on her first album, “My Cabaret”, which was released in August 2005. Between two concerts, she plays a dancer in the comedy Iznogoud, Michaël Youn, and stores an available title in the soundtrack of the film. In amount his show, “Cleopatra”, Kamel Ouali makes call to his former pupil for the role of the last queen of Egypt. After long months of preparation, the show starts at the Palais des sports in Paris in January 2009. His talent does not go unnoticed and earned him an NRJ Music Award as female artist and French-speaking. Thirst for independence and freedom The beautiful franco-moroccan is then chosen to interpret Aïcha, of algerian origin, who is fighting to win its independence and chart its own path, away from the city ghetto at the margins of the capital. The movie is such a success in 2009 on France 2 that no less than three sequels see the light of day. Finalist of the first season of Dancing with the stars against Matt Pokora, the singer multiplies the duos and contributes to the album “Forever Gentlemen” (using the title “Unforgettable” immortalized by Nat King Cole. France 2/Jacques Morell Biyouna & Sofia Essaïdi in “Aisha”. The diversity at the heart of the fight After The Clinic of love, and Mea Culpa, Sofia Essaïdi is again in may 2017 on France 2 in Thank you for everything, Charles, a comedy sparkling with Charlotte de Turckheim. In another register, it gives the reply to Frédéric Diefenthal the time of an investigation for Murders in the Auvergne region, the collection unit of France 3. In the same year, the young woman joined other artists for the collective album “Mediterranean”, a project carried out by Julie Zenatti in order to promote diversity. Gilles GUSTINE / Jean-philippe BALTEL / EVS / FTV With Emmanuelle Seigner in “above suspicion”, and then Marc Lavoine in “Kepler(s)”. From stage to screen… forensic pathologist and friend of Emmanuelle Seigner, in the fall of 2018 on TF1, in above suspicion, the French adaptation of The Fall, Sofia Essaïdi returned the following year on France 2 with the series Kepler(s) , in the skin of Alice Hadad. The young policeman will witness the fall of his colleague in the mental health shaky (Marc Lavoine ). At the same time, the multifaceted artist, held for the past several months the poster of the musical “Chicago” at the theatre Mogador in Paris. Performances are scheduled to run until next June 30 if you want a round of applause on stage… Kepler(s) – season 1 trailer VF

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